How much did the most expensive homes in your area sell for last year?

Price-paid data from HM Land Registry provides information on all property sales in 2021.

We looked at the most expensive houses and flats in three neighbouring east London boroughs - Barking and Dagenham, Newham and Tower Hamlets - to see how they compare.

Industrial and commercial properties were not included, nor were the sales of entire flat buildings.

In Barking and Dagenham, the priciest residential properties were sold in June.

The Harrow in Billet Road, Marks Gate, topped the list at £944,000 while a semi-detached house in Barking's Strathfield Gardens sold for £925,000.

In Newham, the largest residential sale came in May when a flat in Falconbrook Gardens at 17 Silvertown Way fetched a cool £9,694,083.

Seven flats at Elmsdown House in Portway, next to West Ham Park, were snapped up for £4,015,000 each in June.

The most expensive in Tower Hamlets - a terraced property in 53 Bromley Hall Road in the Aberfeldy Village area of Poplar - sold for £23,000,000 last February.

Around 25 properties across the borough sold for £17,220,000 each.