Diwali floating lotus light show delights Canary Wharf

Diwali at Canary Wharf

Diwali at Canary Wharf - Credit: CWG

A floating floral display is lighting up Canary Wharf celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali. 

The festival of lights has flowers floating along the water fountain that winds through Jubilee Park, lighting it up in a rainbow display.  

The light show is inspired by the Indian artwork of Rangoli, each flower spilling shimmering lights into the water as it drifts along.  

The free attraction runs until Sunday, November 7, with the lights coming on from 5pm to 11pm.   

The Hindu festival is a five day celebration with the main day having fallen on November 4 this year, and traditionally marks the triumph of light over dark and good over evil. It is famous for the light shows and fireworks.