2012 Dog Games could ‘lead’ way for canine glory in Shoreditch

London’s first dog festival is planned on Saturday for a day dedicated to man’s best friend and to raise money for canine charities.

The Kennel Club is joining other animal welfare organisations for the 2012 Canine Games, London’s first dog festival being staged at Haggerston Park in Shoreditch.

Displays and competitions are being held for purebred and crossbreeds, from ‘Flying the Flag’ and a ‘Fastest Wag Per Minute’ wag-off to a hotdog eating contest for owners. Professional pet portrait painting is also on offer, along with advice on buying or rescuing animals for anyone interested in becoming a dog-owner.

Visitors can also get tips on dog ID such as microchipping and dog tags, the dangers of leaving dogs in cars and the importance of training and exercising dogs.

Saturday’s Canine Games run from 12 noon to 6pm at Haggerston Park in Queensbridge Road, off Hackney Road. Owners wanting to take part can register online at: http://thecaninegames.co.uk/.

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