Plans to install gates at a development by the Limehouse Cut canal were refused despite anti-social behaviour (ASB) concerns.

Bellway had been seeking planning permission from Tower Hamlets Council to erect three sets of gates at Explorer's Wharf in Thomas Road.

The development contains 184 homes and a council report said the applicant was seeking to prevent non-residents from accessing the canal at its rear "to resolve security issues".

The application received 53 representations in support.

Issues raised among the comments were claims that people loiter on the canalside of the building "playing music, taking drugs and leaving litter".

One supporter of the plans alleged antisocial behaviour happened in the private area almost weekly, while another referred to drug dealers congregating on the site.

David Hill, who backed the plans, told the meeting: "Behaviour including drug dealing, drug consumption and noise nuisance are completely commonplace on the development."

Council officers recommended to the development committee that the application should be refused planning permission.

The report said they felt the ASB is "not so significantly high as to warrant a departure from policy".

They felt the proposals would restrict access to the Limehouse Cut, public access to the water space and limit movement on a publicly accessible space which would not promote a "socially inclusive and cohesive neighbourhood".

But Mr Hill argued people from the community do not use the canalside land there "for any positive purpose".

Despite the comments in favour, councillors decided to unanimously agree with officers and rejected the plan on August 10.

Cllr Iqbal Hossain believed gating was not the solution to anti-social behaviour and said other options should be explored.

Cllr Kamrul Hussain added: "Canals should be publicly accessible. If we start a gated community around one building, then all other buildings will raise the same question and then we will lose all the canal areas."