Antisemitism which appeared on a banner expressing solidarity with Palestinians has been condemned.

The giant poster - which states "we stand with Palestine" - appeared in Brick Lane on Wednesday, May 12, following clashes in the region.

Cllr Puru Miah (Labour, Mile End) helped organise the banner, inviting only messages which he described as "positive".

However, an antisemitic message appeared on the banner.

The message has since been removed, according to Cllr Miah.

Board of Deputies of British Jews' vice president Amanda Bowman said: β€œIt is disturbing that antisemitic messages have been scrawled on this banner and we totally condemn this racism."

She continued: "At times of tension in the Middle East, we should be strengthening community cohesion at home rather than importing a conflict from the Middle East.”

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, described the violence in the region as "deeply concerning".

"We need a peaceful, respectful solution for all, and this conflict must end," he said.

He said he felt "disgusted and angered" after the banner was defaced with an antisemitic message.

"As a council we would not hesitate to remove any such material, however, I understand the banner organisers have removed the offensive message from the banner, and as such, as a council we have no plans to remove the banner," Mayor Biggs said.

He added: "We will absolutely not tolerate any form of antisemitism, which has no place in our society. Tower Hamlets is no place for hate and we have a proud history of standing shoulder to shoulder."

A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: "At a time when we are seeing horrendous antisemitism online and on our streets, leaving Jewish residents of London fearful to be out in public, politicians and the media have a responsibility not to fan the flames of hatred."

They reemphasised the Nazis' slaughter of six million Jewish men, women and children.

"Ignorance is no excuse for excusing antisemitism," they added.