Householders living opposite a school were "thrilled" to see that a social distancing enclosure put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic has finally been removed.

The outdoor enclosure was put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic by Tower Hamlets Council to allow more space for social distancing among parents and pupils at Chisenhale Primary School.

This meant that the school's playground extended onto the road, with the junction connecting Vivian Road and Chisenhale Road closed as the space was used for longer playtimes and PE lessons.

However, 26 households in the area banded together to campaign for the enclosure's removal, saying it obstructed emergency service vehicles, forced wheelchair users onto the roads, caused noise pollution and was an eyesore.

Tower Hamlets council took down the enclosure overnight on Wednesday, November 30.

Carolyn Clark, who lives in the area, has worked with her neighbours to have the structure removed.

She said: "We feel really happy that the council has done it.

"I'm thrilled. It's like a breath of fresh air in the street now.

"I think we are all over the moon, at last - 21 months we have put up with it.

"So, it's a real relief.

"It was very quiet when they took it down, we slept through it."

Neighbours pointed out safety problems caused by more vehicles having to do three-point turns because of the road closure, and the narrow alleyways encouraging anti-social behaviour.

The also claim it was not used or needed by the local community and was rarely used by the school.

Carolyn felt the structure should have been taken down when social distancing restrictions were dissolved and could not understand why it was still there.

Others slammed poor communication by the council with those directly affected.

Jan Rayner, who also lives in the area, added: "I feel really happy that the council has done it at last.

"It just makes good sense really.

"This is a really quiet area. It was a big surprise when it was taken down, I had no idea but I'm just happy it has gone."

The East London Advertiser has contacted Tower Hamlets Council for a comment.