Greggs has announced that a new store will arrive in Canary Wharf station later this year. 

The bakery group already has a store in Cabot Square with a second shop planned to open sometime this year at the station. 

A spokesperson for Greggs said that the new store would "be located just inside the main entrance to Canary Wharf station near the base of the escalators". 

The news comes after Greggs announced that it would aim to open 150 new shops across the country every year.

The chain, which already has nearly 2,330 shops, said there is a “clear opportunity” to have significantly more than 3,000 shops across the UK over time.

In 2023, this will also include new stores in Shepherd’s Bush station and Gatwick airport’s south terminal.  

According to Roisin Currie, Greggs’ chief executive, the chain is set to trial a drive-thru that will be open 24 hours later this year, although the exact location has not yet been decided.

A new manufacturing line in Enfield is also set to triple the chain's national pizza capacity. 

The pizza manufacturing line at the Greggs factory in Millmarsh Lane is part of the bakery group’s efforts to extend opening hours in its stores.

The expansion plans come as Greggs revealed its total sales hit a record high of £1.5 billion last year, up by nearly a quarter on the previous year.

The chain said loyal customers have turned to Greggs for value meals amid rising living costs, although the number of customers has remained below pre-pandemic levels.

Ms Currie told PA: “Customers are seeking out great quality and great value, and that’s exactly what we offer.

“If you are a person who is out and about – whether you are going to work, or going to college or going to meet friends and you need to eat, then you are coming into Greggs and having a breakfast for £2.60, a lunch for £3.60, or an evening meal offer.”

The price of Greggs’ popular sausage roll is now £1.20, having cost £1 at the start of 2022 and being subject to several price rises throughout the year.

Ms Currie claimed that there were no current plans to increase prices further, but stressed that the chain will have to keep prices under review in the “uncertain market”.