A man who attacked and killed his wife in her home in Bethnal Green has been found guilty of her murder.

Yasmin Begum, 40, was found with fatal stab injuries at a property in Globe Road, Bethnal Green on March 24 2022.

Concerned school staff had attended her home when she failed to collect her children from school.

On Wednesday, May 17, a jury at the Old Bailey were unanimous in their decision to find Quyum Miah, 41, of High Street, Homerton guilty of her murder.

East London Advertiser: Yasmin Begum, 41, was murdered by her estranged husband Quyum MiahYasmin Begum, 41, was murdered by her estranged husband Quyum Miah (Image: Met)

Miah had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to theft and two counts of fraud.

He was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing at the same court on June 9.

Speaking on behalf of Yasmin's family, her brother, Atik Zaman, thanked officers for their "tireless work".

“Today an evil creature was found guilty of murder, fraud and burglary. A creature that should never be allowed to walk the streets again. He choose to murder a daughter, a mother, a sister for no reason other than financial gain," he said.

“He values life at £800 as that it what he stole. He broke into our sister’s home and brutally murdered her then robbed her. We hope that he gets reminded every day of his measly existence, how evil he is, and what awaits him in the next life.

“We ask that our privacy be respected as we try to pick up the pieces and go on with our lives without Yasmin.”

Yasmin was found collapsed inside her address in Globe Road, after 4pm.

Yasmin had been stabbed several times and items, including her bank card and jewellery she was wearing, had been taken.

Miah was married to Yasmin but the pair had been separated for about a year, and divorce proceedings were under way.

Attention quickly fell on him, and detectives began to piece together his movements.

On the morning of the murder, CCTV captured Miah leaving his address in Homerton at around 9.55am as he made his way to Yasmin’s home.

He was seen carrying a rucksack and a green and yellow bag for life.

Miah arrived in Globe Road at around 10.30am and a neighbour recalls seeing a man fitting his description loitering near Yasmin’s address.

Yasmin was unaware that Miah was waiting close to her home. She visited a neighbour at 2pm and left around half-an-hour later, saying she was going to the dentist after picking her children up from school.

At 2.35pm she briefly spoke on the phone to a friend who later recalled it sounded as if Yasmin was in her house.

Miah entered Yasmin’s flat and unleashed a savage attack on her. He stole her bank card and items of jewellery before fleeing the address, locking the door from the outside as he left.

He was next spotted on CCTV at 3pm heading away from Yasmin’s address carrying the green and yellow bag for life which appeared full.

Miah dumped this bag in a rubbish bin; when officers recovered it they found clothing stained with Yasmin’s blood inside.

In the hours after the murder Miah to use Yasmin’s bank card to withdraw £800 in cash; two days later he also pawned two items of her jewellery for around £200.

Miah was arrested at an address in Plaistow on 27 March 2022.

On searching his address in Homerton, officers found a trainer with traces of Yasmin’s blood on it; they also found an item that had been stolen from inside her address.

Det Chf Insp Larry Smith, of the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “Yasmin was a young mother, who was about to embark on a new chapter of her life away from Miah. However, she was denied that opportunity in the most violent of circumstances.

“Quyum Miah is a violent coward who ambushed Yasmin in her own home and brutally attacked her – she did not stand a chance. Whether Miah was motivated by jealousy due to the impending divorce, or greed due to his callous actions in withdrawing cash and pawning jewellery immediately after the murder, remains unclear as he did not provide any straight answers during his police interviews.

“Instead he refused to own up to his actions, continually lying and then changing his story when concrete evidence disproved his version of events.