On-the-spot fines have been introduced for breaking byelaws in the East End’s public parks and open spaces.

Playing excessively loud music, tampering with any life-saving equipment or even having a barbecue in a public space can land you with an £80 fine without even having to go to court.

Enforcement officers from Tower Hamlets Council can now dish out penalties for anti-social activity in public.

“Our officers and the police have been given powers to crack down on those who ruin parks for others,” Cllr Talha Chowdhury warned. “People should be able to enjoy our parks without having to witness anti-social behaviour.”

Breaching the byelaws previously could only be prosecuted in court, which the council says is expensive and takes time.

The new fines mean enforcement officers can “crack down more effectively” on minorities causing public nuisance.

Persistent offenders can still be prosecuted and face a maximum £500 fine.