London has many bridges, each as unique and iconic as the other, from Tower Bridge's raised motors to the Millennium Bridge's bold design. 

For many tourists, visiting these bridges is a key part of their trip to learn about London's rich history. 

That includes a visit to London Bridge, most famed for being the subject of the nursery rhyme, 'London Bridge is falling down'.

Of course, London Bridge isn't actually falling down and never has, however, it seems many tourists believed differently.

Tourists are devastated as they discover London Bridge is still standing

East London Advertiser: Did you think London Bridge was falling down?Did you think London Bridge was falling down? (Image: TripAdvisor)

Review site Tripadvisor shares that a fair few unsuspecting tourists were left disappointed when they arrived at the bridge to discover it still intact.

As one tourist revealed they "understood that London Bridge was falling down", adding that it being "perfectly intact" was "very disappointing".

They even added that they "walked up and down the bridge just to make sure" and unlike the nursery rhyme "there was no trace of my fair lady, either."

Another devasted tourist, pointed their upset towards singer Fergie, saying she "hyped it" up with her song London Bridge.

Whilst it seems many are disappointed that London Bridge is not what they thought it was, others seem to be learning that they have always thought it was another bridge, Tower Bridge.

The bridges are very close together with some suggesting that the only use of London Bridge is a place to get good photos of Tower Bridge.