If you have ever played badminton, i am sure you have had that rush when you're in an intense rally or in the position to make a perfect smash but end up missing and making a couple mistakes. This isn't a big deal but when it comes to these two young badminton players, they cannot afford any mistakes. These rising stars of Singapore have a job to make their home country proud and do their best in the competitive SEA games.

The promising young players of Singapore have arrived to take part in a very important singles competition in the SEA games that will take place in Cambodia from May 5th to May 17th. Nur Insyirah Khan and Joel Koh will have a chance to face a difficult challenge whilst taking part in the individual badminton events.

Nur Insyirah Khan is no stranger to some competition and has already taken part in the event 3 times previously however in that case it was for team events. In her fourth participation in the SEA Games, she will make her singles debut. For Joel Koh it will be his second singles outing where he is ready to win and rise up to the challenge no matter what.

The reason for these 2 young prodigies taking part in the SEA Games is due to an unfortunate but promising clash that resulted in some of Singapore's top players leaving halfway through the Games. This is so that they can attend the Badminton World Federations Sudirman Cup which will begin on May 14th and take place in China.

This allowed an opportunities or the two young players to have a chance of competing at a very high level at such a young age with Nur Khan being 21 years old and Joel Koh who is 22. These young players are an inspiration to many as through sheer hard work and dedication in badminton they were provided with incredible opportunities to prove themselves not on it to their country but to the world. This same philosophy can be applied to all areas of life, not just sport. Its best to think about their story and many others as living proof to hard work paying off.