A rooftop bar has created exquisite cocktails inspired by east London markets and we paid it a visit.

PocketSquare Skyline Bar & Terrace, at the Hyatt Place London City East hotel in Whitechapel, launched a fresh menu of eight drinks last month infusing the essence of some local markets in a stimulating combination of flavours.

The cocktails, designed by head mixologist Lucrezia Frosutto with her team, inch closer to being works of art than just drinks.

I was left amazed with their attention to detail and research and was inspired to find out more about the stories they have tried to tell through their menu.

The Hanami was the first cocktail that drew my attention. Representing the bustling Columbia Road flower market that opens on Sundays, it had Japanese undertones in its taste blending Roku gin with floral syrups, Beesou (bitter honey aperitif) and green tea soda (made by them inhouse) that was topped with a sugar strip of flowers.

East London Advertiser: Hanami and Crinoline cocktails served at the barHanami and Crinoline cocktails served at the bar (Image: Amy Clarke)True to the market's character, the drink was aromatic, colourful and zesty.

My colleague on the other hand, ordered what seemed like a very stylish cocktail with some literal glitter to give it a sparkle. Crinoline, based on Petticoat Lane clothes market, answers the question - what do you think when you think of fashion?

East London Advertiser: The glittery Crinoline cocktailThe glittery Crinoline cocktail (Image: Hyatt Place Hotel)

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It mixes glamour with some Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon whisky, China China liqueur, Grand Marnier and black cherry syrup.

Next came the unusual sounding TVMVLTVS cocktail that represents the Roman Road Market in Bow and has its roots in the Roman empire and suffragette movement. Sylvia Pankhurst, a suffragette campaigner, once lived at Old Ford Road nearby.

East London Advertiser: Tvmvltvs represents the two historic connections associated with Roman Road- the Romans and suffragettesTvmvltvs represents the two historic connections associated with Roman Road- the Romans and suffragettes (Image: Hyatt Place Hotel)The drink, served in a glass that looks like a palace, has a purple sugar sash on the outside as a nod to the accessory donned by important people in the Roman empire. It also had a green ice ball in the middle that stood for the colour the Suffragettes used to signify hope.

For the finale, we tried the Masalas cocktail that paid an ode to the Whitechapel Road market selling a wide range of vegetables, fruits and spices. And surely enough, the drink blends cumin, mango liquor, mint liquor and lactic acid syrup reminiscent of the bazaars of India.

East London Advertiser: The spicy Masalas and the creamy Demitasse cocktails at the barThe spicy Masalas and the creamy Demitasse cocktails at the bar (Image: Riddhi Kachhela)It was hands down the best-tasting cocktail in our experience and left a lasting impression on us.

In addition, there is Off the Hook representing Old Spitalfields Market, Beigel celebrating two bagel bakeries in Brick Lane, Demitasse symbolising the Broadway Market and ‘æppel’ that gets its name from Chrisp Street Market in Tower Hamlets.

For non-drinkers, the menu has mocktails that also use the themes and some ingredients used for their liquor-based drinks.

Not just the cocktails, their Sicilian food menu offers some delectable varieties of bar snacks to calm the hunger pangs. My personal favourite, the cheesy arancini, was just the kind of comfort food one needs on a cold evening paired with some warming drinks.

The portion of their flatbread was good enough for a whole meal for one person.

As a cherry on the cake, the bar is also home to art by cartoonist Bill Tidy MBE, that is part of the curated display at Hyatt Place.

Bookings for PocketSquare Skyline Bar and Terrace can be made following this link- PocketSquare London | Where The City Meets The East .