A woman has been left "disgusted" after discovering critters in a chicken bought from an Asda supermarket. 

Vanessa Lucas-Smith discovered what appear to be some kind of grubs in her chicken she had purchased from Asda, where she lives on Isle of Dogs. 

She took to Facebook to share her shock, saying: "WARNING - if you have bought this ‘food’ from Isle of Dogs Asda, return immediately.

"I was shocked and absolutely stomach churning disgusted to find this in the chicken I cooked this evening.

"Brings new meaning to ‘extra tasty’".

East London Advertiser: Asda has apologised for the gruesome findAsda has apologised for the gruesome find (Image: Vanessa Lucas-Smith)

Facebook users echoed her concerns. 

One user commented: "omg... that is disgusting! Can just imagine how your stomach must of been turning!". 

Vanessa claimed she bought the chicken on December 4 and that the chicken had a use by date of December 11. 

A spokesperson for Asda said: "We always want our customers to be pleased with the products they buy from Asda so we are disappointed that Ms Lucas-Smith has purchased a product which falls below our high expectations.

"We have apologised to her and offered a full refund as well as a gesture of goodwill.

"It appears that a key stage in the preparation of this product has been missed and we are investigating how this could have happened with our supplier.”