A free help service offering homecare visits and phone calls to help mums find out how best to feed their babies has been set up.

It has been set up by the National Childbirth Trust to support women at home and in the natal wards at Homerton Hospital in Hackney.

Funding from Hackney Council is paying for a team of seven healthcare professionals to run the new Infant Feeding Peer Support service for women making the choice between breast feeding or bottle feeding.

“It can be a struggle as a new parent emotionally and physically to feed a baby,” the Childbirth Trust’s Helen Lloyd said.

“It takes time to become confident with feeding. This support means parents in Hackney can make feeding decisions that are right for their family.” 

The healthcare workers are now making home visits as well as follow-up phone calls and giving online support, particularly for families who might be struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.  

Anyone wanting more details can email Janie.Pengilly@nct.org.uk.