Londoners will have been seeing a lot of campaigning from hopeful London Mayoral Candidates over the last few months.

The last election for Mayor was delayed a year from 2020 to 2021 due to the pandemic and saw Labour's Sadiq Khan win his second term.

Now new candidates are vying for their chance to take on the role as elections take place in May for the London Assembly.

So you know who the hopeful candidates are for the London Mayoral Elections, here is a full list that will continue to be updated.

Sadiq Khan- Labour Party

The current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is hoping to gain his third term in the role and "send a message" to the Conservative party.

Khan is hoping to keep his full 25-point lead ahead of the Conservative candidate with YouGov suggesting that Khan is the preferred candidate in inner and outer London.

However, the current Mayor's recent ULEZ expansions have seen Khan come under fire but it's not yet clear how it will impact his vote share.

Susan Hall- Conservative Party

The Conservative Party's candidate is Susan Hall, a member of the London Assembly and former council leader.

If elected as Mayor, Hall would become the first woman in the role and the first Tory mayor since former Prime Minister Boris Johnson back in 2012.

Hall has previously said that crime and policing are high on her agenda after sharing that she thinks London is unsafe for women. 

But, Hall has come under fire for liking a tweet that praised Enoch Powell and described Khan as a "traitor rat".

Rob Blackie- Liberal Democrats

Rob Blackie has been named the Liberal Democrats' candidate and has worked as an adviser to start-up technology companies and is an anti-Brexit campaigner.

The Liberal Democrat candidate wants to tackle serious crime, sharing that he believes Khan priorities "trivial" offences including laughing gas over rape and other such crimes.

Zoe Garbett- Green Party

Zoe Garbett will represent the Green Party, the Hackney councillor stood for Mayor back in 2021 and is again hoping to take the role.

Sharing what she wants to do as Mayor, Garbett said: "I got into politics because I can't sit by & watch whilst people and issues are being ignored - I believe in taking action when you witness injustice."

Howard Cox- Reform UK

Reform UK (formerly Brexit Party) named Howard Cox as their candidate, Cox is best known as the founder of the Fair Fuel UK campaign.

One of Cox's pledges is to remove the entire ULEZ and lower fuel duty across London.


Who are the Independent London Mayoral Election candidates?

There are also several Independent candidates hoping to step into the role of Mayor of London.

Natalie Campbell

Campbell was once a longlisted Conservative candidate hopeful but has since decided to run independently.

Tarun Ghulati

Investment banker Tarun Ghulati is hoping to be Mayor of London and has lived in the region for the past 20 years. 

Rayhan Haque

Rayhan Haque is a policy advisor who has chosen to run as an independent candidate.

Andreas Michli

Health and fitness entrepreneur and gym owner Andreas Michli is running for the role of Mayor independently.

Shyam Batra

Successful businessman Shyam Batra is running independently and share's he wants to offer a "compelling vision for a brighter future".