A thief who donned a bow tie and suit to rob a newsagents in Bethnal Green has been jailed.

Zohirul Haque, 39, pointed a gun at staff in the Bonner Street newsagents while wearing the distinctive get-up in November 2022.

He was able to make off with around £200 in cash despite the panic alarm in the shop being triggered and police arriving at the scene.

Haque, of no fixed address, was arrested the following day after a Met officer spotted him walking down the street in a different suit and bow tie.

Detective Sergeant McGee said: “I was on my own in the area gathering evidence about this case, when I noticed a man in the street who matched the suspect’s description.

“He stood out as he was wearing a really smart suit with a bow tie, and although it looked different to the one described by the victims, I immediately suspected this was the man we were looking for.”

He added that after Haque walked straight past him, he followed him for around ten minutes before more officers arrived at the scene to help with the arrest.

Detective Sergeant McGee said: “You don’t often get days like that when it all falls into place, and that piece of luck helped to bring justice to the victims, although it took some further police work to secure the evidence we needed."

Haque was initially bailed by police but he was re-arrested after another witness was able to identify him and CCTV footage linked him to the robbery.

Haque was ultimately found guilty of armed robbery at Snaresbrook Crown Court, and jailed for 12 years on Monday (February 5).

The stolen cash and firearm used during the robbery have never been recovered.