A neighbour from hell playing loud music has had her equipment seized on the Isle of Dogs and been fined in court, it has emerged.

Families complained about the noise coming from Stella Rayne’s property at Salford House in Seysell Street, Cubitt Town.

Warning letters were sent and visits made by Tower Hamlets Council environment officers — but the loud noise continued, Thames magistrates were told.

A warrant to seize Rayne’s equipment was granted last July — yet still the noise nuisance continued.

She was prosecuted on six offences of causing noise nuisance in breach of an abatement notice.

Rayne was found guilty on January 23 and ordered to pay £2,640 in fines, with £1,056 victim surcharge and £2,010 prosecution costs.

The local authority this week pledged to take action against noisy neighbours.

“We understand the impact they have on people,” Mayor Lutfur Rahman said. “So we encourage anyone having a problem to report it to us and we can take action.”

The council’s noise service can be contacted on 020-7364 5000, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, with the out-of-hours team responding Thursday to Sunday 8pm-3.30am.