Ilford's Amina Khan has been fired by Lord Sugar from TV contest The Apprentice.

Amina was one of two candidates to be given the boot on last night's (February 22) episode, aired on BBC One, along with Jack Davies after the discount buying challenge got the better of them. 

The challenge saw the candidates split into two teams and tasked with sourcing nine items on Jersey and securing them at a discounted price. 

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Amina was appointed sub-team leader by Jack but they both ended up in the boardroom after the team struggled.

Their team lost Lord Sugar's self-confessed "favourite" challenge after failing to get Jersey Royal potatoes, a sea salt glass jar and buying the wrong shackle before being late to the lighthouse finishing point. 

Baroness Karren Brady said: "They walked past items that they actually need, I mean that's criminal."


Amina and Jack came to loggerheads in the boardroom.

She said to Jack: "I think selfishly you knew you that you couldn’t get the items that you placed on us.

"They were the most difficult items, we had to figure them out and locate them afterwards."

Jack decided to bring Amina back into the boardroom after calling her "the weakest person here".

But Lord Sugar shocked them all after he brought the entire team back, saying: "I’ve never seen a mess like it in all these years."

Amina took to Instagram last night to share the news with her followers, adding that they were able to see "the real me" during the tense boardroom scenes.

The pharmacist wrote in a post: "I am extremely grateful for the opportunity as this is a really big deal to appear on TV being a South Asian woman.

"Lord Sugar missed out big time."

She claimed that since leaving The Apprentice she had doubled her business without any investment.