The 'coolest' neighbourhood in all of the UK has officially been named and it happens to be in London.

In a list created by The Times, 15 urban neighbourhoods have been ranked from all four UK nations.

Nominated by locals, The Times looked at what each neighbourhood had to offer from food, drink shopping and even sleeping.

Among them all, one took the crown as London's very own Walthamstow was named the ultimate 'coolest' neighbour in the entire UK.

You can see the full list via The Times.

Walthamstow named the coolest neighbourhood in the UK

Set in north east London, Walthamstow is best known for once being the home to designer William Morris known for his bold and busy yet calming designs.

A fan of his own neighbourhood, Morris helped shape the area of Walthamstow, as The Times shares that for generations the region has "been a diverse, left-field, inclusive home to creatives and eccentrics, artisans and artists – including Grayson Perry and neon innovator Chris Bracey."

Bracey is the creator of the social media viral God's Own Junkyard, a place covered in bright neon signs that have taken over the 'must visits' of London tourist guides.

@danthomasuk Gods own Junkyard, for free things to do in London this one can’t be beaten! Gods Own Hunkyard is a collection of bright neon signs housed in Walthamstow in London. It’s a great place to visit at any time of the year, is free, and includes an on-site café and restaurant. There’s also a selection of street food vendors outside. #london #neon #walthamstow ♬ Together In Electric Dreams - Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

The Times adds that in recent times Walthamstow moved away from an "enclave" instead becoming a "hipster neighbourhood".

Adding: "Inadvertently it found itself hailed as a hipster neighbourhood – “Awesomestow” – after an influx of young families and media types who couldn’t afford to live anywhere else in London. Now they don’t want to live anywhere else."

A special nod is given to the area of The Village in Walthamstow, with its Ancient House and Vestry House along with the sun-catching village square and quaint restaurants and boutiques dotted around.

In terms of places to eat in the UK's coolest neighbourhood, The Times shares that Eat17, pizza spot Sodo, Orford Saloon for tapas and SlowBurn are a must-visit.

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