5,100 East End OAPs fail to apply for the Pension Benefit, shock figures reveal

Thousands of the poorest pensioners in London’s deprived East End are living in unnecessary poverty because they’re not claiming Pension Credit, a shock report has revealed.

As many as 5,100 have failed to apply for the benefit in Tower Hamlets alone, the charity Independent Age found.

Half the East End’s 10,200 old folk are going without the basic benefit intended to top-up the pensions of the poorest to at least £145.40 a week.

But is it even worse in neighbouring Newham, where 58 per cent are not claiming—the highest rate going without the entitlement across east London.

They do not appear to be alone, however. Around one-and-a-half million OAPs in Britain are not claiming Pension Credit, researchers have discovered.

“Rising prices and cost-of-living is a huge source of anxiety to many pensioners,” said the charity’s Victoria Richards. “Yet many don’t claim Pension Credit which really can make all the difference later in life.

“In some cases, it can be a passport for pensioners to get other benefits such as council tax and housing.”

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The benefit can almost double some weekly incomes when claimed with Attendance Allowance, the charity points out.

But it does have to be claimed—so Independent Age has now put together a free ‘Wise Guide’ to show pensioners how to apply, the first in a series of easy-read books covering issues from income and finance to getting home help and health and fitness. It can be ordered by phone on 0845-262 1863, or online at http://www.independentage.org/advice/order-your-wise-guides/.