A-grade maths AS-level for year nine genius Shara

A year nine pupil from Mulberry School for Girls has pulled off the incredible feat of achieving an A-grade in AS-level maths, despite sitting the exam three years early.

Shara Nahreen, of Christian Street, Shadwell, was put forward for the exam by her teachers after she got an A* in GCSE maths in year eight. However, no-one could have predicted her extraordinary AS-level result, let alone her average of 96 per cent across the three exams she sat.

After receiving her results, Shara, 14, said: “I was a little proud but more relieved that my whole year’s work was worth it, and I did feel it was deserved because I worked so hard.

“When I was working towards my exams I would work through lunchtimes or even wake up earlier to work because I’d feel as if I had to earn time off. I’d do all the past papers over and over again when it came to a point that I’d subconsciously memorised the mark schemes”, she added.

Despite her success, though, Shara is keen to pursue other subjects in the longer term. She said: “I enjoy maths, because I’m good at it, but I like other subjects too. I’d like to do something to do with engineering at university.”

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Shipa Begum, Shara’s mum, explained that her daughter had shown an aptitude for maths from a young age, which she surtured with lots of practice.

“Since she was young she was young she did a lot of maths at home - that’s how she got better at it. At nursery she could already count to 100 when the others were still counting to ten.”

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She is now preparing to sit her full A-level, and will be hoping she can replicate her brilliant achievements next year.

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