Actor hopes first film for decades can put him in the limelight

An actor from the East End is hoping his first film for decades can thrust him into the limelight.

Nick Parkin, of Brayford Square, Stepney, is to co-star in The Medal, a dystopian horror set to premiere at Frightfest 2013 in Leicester Square next year.

His role as “Sergeant Death” sees him appearing alongside X-Factor star Tulisa Constotavlos’ controversial ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards.

Nick, 48, said: “I hadn’t done any acting in a long time, so of course this can give me a boost, because they were very happy with what I did on the film.”

However, his real passion is screen-writing, and he now has plans to produce a sitcom he wrote 20 years ago.

“I am more into writing. A company was going to run a sitcom I wrote 20 years ago, but they went bust and I put the script back into my briefcase.

“Sync Films were looking for a new project after filming The Medal, so, I thought I’d pitch the idea, and they agreed to produce it.”

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