Opinion: An appropriate home is key to disabled people’s quality of life

Cllr Rabina Khan wants disabiltiies taken into account when providing housing.

Cllr Rabina Khan wants disabiltiies taken into account when providing housing. - Credit: Archant

In November last year I proposed a motion at council that it has a duty to support and assist people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to enable them to access appropriate living conditions; with a couple of minor amendments it was unanimously passed.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex condition which has far-reaching effects on an individual's life and that of their families.

ASD sufferers often rely on routine and structure in their daily lives, without this they can suffer from severe anxiety.

Their home is key to their quality of life.

It essential that their housing needs are properly accommodated.

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The government's recent Queen's Speech promised a National Strategy for Disabled People in 2020 which will 'set out practical proposals on the issues that matter most to disabled people'.

We need to hold the government to its promise that this will be developed with disabled people, disability organisations and charities to ensure that all disabled people have the homes they need to fulfil their potential in life.

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