Advertiser letters: Accessible roads and parking on pavements

Wapping residents are concerned their roads will become rat-runs with planned changes in road usage.

Wapping residents are concerned their roads will become rat-runs with planned changes in road usage. - Credit: PA WIRE

Letters, contributions and comments sent in to the Advertiser this week.

Make our roads accessible

John Rush, Lilley Close, Wapping, writes:

Once again Labour shows it cares not a jot for democracy.

Residents of Wapping asked Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs to stop our streets being used as a rat-run so local people could use them and keep it safer.

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Tower Hamlets sent a survey out to residents and also to people who do not live in Wapping. The majority of people ignore these surveys because they know Labour ignores their replies anyway. The people who did reply agreed by a large majority to stop rat-run traffic but streets should be accessible to local residents.

Labour as expected said we are stopping any residents using the local roads and allowing only buses to use it, locating it at the western end of Wapping High Street and thus will financially penalise residents using their own streets.

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The result will see Wapping Lane blocked all the way up to the Highway with traffic backing up into the rest of Wapping.

This scenario only needed no entry signs on The Highway at the entrance to Glamis Road, Garnet Street and Wapping Lane at agreed times and it could all be solved. Cameras could catch those who think they ignore the rules. However, Labour as usual want to entice drivers in so they can snare and fine them.

Blocked pavements

Piotr Grela and Katarzyna Bienko, Bromley-by-Bow, full address supplied, write:

My wife and I are both disabled (wheelchair users).

We like the Bromley-by-Bow station because we live nearby and there are lifts.

But, we cannot use this station because late in the evening the pavement in front of the station (down left towards Bow Church) is obstructed by Transport for London (TfL) contractors' cars.

We cannot go by the street at the A12 because it is extremely busy.

To get home we have to go around via Devas Street and Devons Road which is a long way for us and very dangerous late in the evening.

There are a lot of parking space near the station so why do TfL contractors always park on the whole width of the pavement?

We have written a few times to Tower Hamlets Council and to TfL without a result.

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