Advertiser letters: Borough clean-up and help protect bees

Mayor John Bigss cleaning up graffiti: Picture: LBTH

Mayor John Bigss cleaning up graffiti: Picture: LBTH - Credit: LBTH

Letters, contributions and comments sent in to the Advertiser this week.

Why is borough so dirty?

John Kelly, Tarling Street, Shadwell, writes:

Rather than wasting our tax and the unedifying sight of John Biggs and CEO Will Tuckley posing for the cameras for “the big clean up” stunt they should be addressing the real reason why Tower Hamlets is the dirtiest in London.

Why has he not taken to task the very people who are paid eye opening amounts to keep the borough clean?

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Questions should be asked about their failure and complete incompetence to do the job to a satisfactory standard.

He even raised council tax so he could award more money to this fiasco.

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In reality an award for failure. What a joke this council is.

It was heartening to see the majority of residents were to sensible not to fall for this ruse.

So road sweepers and dustman actually do the work you’re paid to do and do not expect us residents to do it.

Join count and help protect bees

Emi Murphy, Friends of the Earth bee campaignerk, writes:

Friends of the Earth is urging people to help our under-threat bees by taking part in the Great British Bee Count, which runs until June 30.

Habitat loss, climate change, pesticides and intensive farming are just some of the pressures facing these fabulous insects, which pollinate much of the food we eat.

By downloading a fun, free and easy-to-use app participants can find out more about the bees that visit their gardens, parks and countryside – and get tips on how they can help them.

Thousands of verified sightings from this year’s bee count will also contribute to the government’s Pollinator Monitoring Scheme, which is compiling the first comprehensive health check of Britain’s bees and other pollinators.

Get the app and get counting:

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