Advertiser letters: Car bar parties and Barnardo’s

Car bar parties are causing residents misery in and around the Boundary Estate. Picture: Weavers Com

Car bar parties are causing residents misery in and around the Boundary Estate. Picture: Weavers Community Action Group. - Credit: Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent to the Advertiser this week.

Keep bars open till 6am

James Frankcom, Brick Lane, Shoreditch, writes:

I have the utmost sympathy for the residents of parts of Shoreditch who suffer so-called 'car bars' at the weekend where weekend revellers return to their cars after the bars have closed and use their cars as places to play loud music and have a party.

However, to think we can just stop young people in a metropolis like this from wanting to go out late and party is also unrealistic.

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Perhaps we have been too draconian on bars and nightclubs and have left youngsters with nowhere to go.

Surely, appropriately licensed late night bars that contained revellers inside, which were well managed and contained noise within their premises would be far better than a situation where youngsters are compelled to set up DIY bars of their own using their cars?

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We need some local bars to be open until 6am which are sound-proofed and managed in such a way crowds don't gather outside. That way we can be a global city that allows people to sleep and others to have fun.

About Barnardo's

Lynn Gradwell, director, Barnardo's London, writes:

When Thomas John Barnardo came to London from Dublin to train as a doctor in 1866, he found a capital of two different worlds: the privileged elite of Victorian society living alongside children and families in terrible conditions with no access to education.

Poverty and disease were so widespread that one in five children died before their fifth birthday. When a cholera epidemic swept through the East End, leaving 3000 people dead and many orphaned children, Thomas Barnardo felt an urgent need to help.

He believed that every child deserved the best possible start in life; and he set about passionately trying to change the social fabric of society by founding our


Barnardo's London is here; to support the most vulnerable children and young people and their families to reach their potential. We hope you can support us in our journey in 2020.

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