Advertiser letters: Finding old shipmates and benefit help for RAF

Brondesbury Park's Able Seaman Simon Mills, or 'Bomber' to his shipmates, is on his third deployment

Brondesbury Park's Able Seaman Simon Mills, or 'Bomber' to his shipmates, is on his third deployment to the Gulf on a Royal Navy mine hunter vessel - Credit: Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent in to the Advertiser this week.

Find old R N Shipmates

Mike Crowe, RN Shipmates,, writes:

Many of your readers would have served in the Royal Navy and having left, possibly quite some time back, are now missing the camaraderie they had with their old shipmates.

To relive that camaraderie and possibly meet up with their old shipmates, they should get the monthly mailing list of ‘Royal Navy Reunions’ giving the dates, which H M Ship’s Association, where it is being held and who to contact. Have a look at and check out the ‘Reunions’ section, there are currently well over 30!!

Reunions listings is available by emailing See where the reunions are being held, and then find out what is included; such as a visit somewhere, a Gala Dinner, the ‘traditional’ tot of Rum on most of them. Of course the wives and partners are not forgotten; they meet up at the reunions and have a good time too!!

What does it cost? Nothing because the Reunion Listings are all collected, compiled and then sent out by email. There are no subscriptions or donations. But more important, it is also thanks to the hundreds of local newspapers, just like this one and others throughout the UK for printing my letters and subsequently reuniting ‘Lost Shipmates’.

Universal Credit help for ex-RAF

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Air Commodore Paul Hughesdon, director of Welfare and Policy, RAF Benevolent Fund, writes:

The national press continues to raise concerns about the roll out of Universal Credit which combines six benefits into one and in some cases will result in claimants having to wait up to six weeks before receiving their first payment of Universal Credit.

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We at the RAF Benevolent Fund are passionate about helping all members of the RAF Family who are in need.

We launched our Advice and Advocacy Service two years ago following research which indicated that many of our beneficiaries were not receiving the state benefits they were entitled to, such as Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction or Universal Credit.

We are keen to hear from anyone who has served in the RAF, including their partners and dependants who find themselves affected by the recent changes to the benefit system.

If you feel we can help you or someone you know, call 0800 169 2942 today or visit

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