Advertiser letters: Rat runs in Wapping, religious hate crimes and homeless veterans

Residents have concerns over Tower Hamlets traffic survey. Picture: PA

Residents have concerns over Tower Hamlets traffic survey. Picture: PA - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Letters, contributions and comments sent in to the Advertiser this week.

Tower Hamlets statement misleading

David Leonard, Wapping, full address supplied, writes:

Well spoken John Rush "Make our roads accessible"!

The council's statement in its letter of August 30 to respondents to its consultation that over 60 per cent of them were in favour of the installation of a bus gate is grossly misleading.

Yes 61pc of them approved the bus gate.

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But the statement conveniently ignores that 69pc of the respondents also supported an exemption for residents.

So it's a fair deduction that many of those in favour of the bus gate did so only on condition that residents were exempted.

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It's a pity the council didn't follow the legal maxim: "The truth, the whole truth....." etc!

Rise in religious hate crimes

Unmesh Desai, London Assembley member, City & East, writes:

I have joined others, such as Kate Green MP, in calling for better protection for our places of worship for some time and so this increase in funding is very welcome.

From speaking with members of the local community, I know that increasing the funding available alone is not going to provide full reassurance that adequate security is going to be provided for them, and I will continue to monitor this situation closely.

I sincerely hope that the new home secretary, Priti Patel MP, continues to take heed of mine and others' calls, as there has undoubtedly been an alarming rise in religious hate crimes and the government must ensure that their policies take account of this.

Veterans should not be homeless

Ed Tytherleigh, co-chairman, Cobseo (Confederation of Service Charities) Housing Cluster, writes:

No one who has served their country should be homeless, but our

analysis of government data

shows that homeless veterans are being missed by local authorities and are losing out on the enhanced support and housing available

to them.

On September 24 we launched a campaign to tackle this issue and help reduce veterans' homelessness as close to zero as possible.

The No Homeless Veterans campaign ( calls on local authorities, homelessness charities and advice agencies to 'Think Veteran' in order to identify former servicemen and women and signpost them to the best support available.

The fact there are still veterans sleeping in inappropriate accommodation, is unacceptable.

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