THE East London Advertiser has just been voted Britain’s best local weekly newspaper. It won the media industry’s Newspaper of the Year’ for the second year running and also scooped Campaign of the Year’ in the prestigious Press Gazette awards

By Else Kvist

THE East London Advertiser has just been voted Britain's best local weekly newspaper.

It won the media industry's 'Newspaper of the Year' for the second year running.

It also scooped the 'Campaign of the Year' in this-afternoon's prestigious Press Gazette awards.

The judges said: "For its real graft of what a local newspaper should be, and with a genuine understanding of its readership and grassroots journalism-for the second year running the winner is the East London Advertiser."


The paper's outstanding campaign was saving the East End's centuries-old archive collection at the Bancroft Library in Mile End when Tower Hamlets Council wanted to sell off the listed building.

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It mobilised the community and got a petition accepted on the Downing Street website which attracted thousands of signatures.

The judges announced: "For taking on the local authority, fighting to overturn a decision by mobilising its readers and playing a crucial role in informing and leading a democratic debate, for saving the library and preserving the entire history of the whole of East End-the winner is the East London Advertiser."


The paper's editorial team based in the heart of the East End mobilised the public and eminent historians and celebrities who had used the archive library themselves, including Ombudsman Jerry White, actor Sir Ian McKellen and playwright Bernard Kops.

The poet Benjamin Zephaniah backed the campaign and said at the time: "This shows how a local newspaper like the Advertiser can work for the good of local people."

Local historian Tom Ridge organised a public meeting which tipped the balance.


Tower Hamlets Tory Opposition leader Peter Golds said after the awards were announced this-afternoon: "The Advertiser is a shinning example of what a local paper is all about."

The paper just pipped its stable-mate Hackney Gazette which was also shortlisted for local 'Newspaper of the Year'.

Seven of our editorial staff were shortlisted for weekly newspaper reporter of the year, sports journalist of the year and photographer of the year.