Afghan heroes battle it out on a golf course near Brand’s Hatch

A firm of scaffolders in London’s East End is celebrating its 40th anniversary this week with a charity golf day in aid of ‘Afghan heroes.’

Guests of honour will be members of the armed services who are tackling the famous course at the London Golf Club near Brand’s Hatch on Friday.

TRAD Scaffolding aims to raise �40,000 for the Afghan Heroes charity—or �1,000 for every year since it first began trading at Imperial Street in Bromley-by-Bow, back in 1971.

Company chairman Hayden Smith said: “This is a special day to show our support and respect for the courageous men and women who serve and have served our country.”

Those taking part get an ‘Afghan Heroes’ ammo tin containing balls, pitchforks and tees, as well as an embroidered golf towel memento.