Ageing fire station gets a makeover—after 70 years

THE AGEING fire station at Shadwell is being rebuilt as part of a �57 million plan to revamp nine old London fire stations. Work starts in 2012

By Julia Gregory

AN AGEING fire station featured in London's Burning is to be completely rebuilt as part of a �57 million revamp of nine old fire stations.

Work on the 70-year-old Shadwell fire-station starts in 2012 after detailed plans are approved. Bidding for the contract starts this month.

The outside of the building in Cable Street in London’s East End was featured in the popular ITV drama London’s Burning when it doubled as the fictional Blackwall fire station’.

Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said: “We've been given the go-ahead to build nine new fire stations in London which will be an important contribution to modern firefighting facilities.”

Shadwell is a key fire-station for the brigade, where the Life’ course to get youngsters off the streets and learn about the role of firefighters was first introduced five years ago—and is now run all over the country.