Ahmadiyya Muslims celebrate Queen’s Jubilee with ads on London buses

A British Muslim community has paid for ads on the side of 100 London double-deckers congratulating the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee this weekend.

The ads are one of several events the long-established Ahmadiyya community has lined up which also include Halal street parties, lighting up mosques throughout the UK and feeding the homeless.

Special prayers for The Queen are being recited at 100 mosques and prayer halls during Friday Prayers tomorrow.

The community is also publishing a special edition of the book ‘A Gift for the Queen’ written by their founder, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, when Queen Victoria—the Queen’s great, great grandmother—celebrated her own Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

The UK Ahmadiyya’s national president, Rafiq Hayat, said: “There have only been two diamond Jubilees in the history of the British monarch—our community has been involved in both.

“We are duty bound as Muslims to serve Queen and country and regard this as an important part of our religion that loyalty to one’s country is a part of faith.”

The community staged a mass charity fun run in the Moat of the Tower of London two weeks ago which launched its big charity drive this year.