Amy Sharrocks is giving away free tap water at Toynbee Hall’s Two Degrees festival

Amy Sharrocks is giving away free tap water at an East End festival aimed at saving the world from ecological disaster.

She is setting up her water bar at Whitechapel’s Toynbee Hall on Tuesday.

Artist Amy, 43, runs Soho’s Museum of Water, which holds samples from a holy river in India, a garden bird bath, country well, fish tank, cat’s bowl, burst water main, condensation from a window, rainwater from the streets of Hackney and melted snowballs from January.

The story of her liquid assets is featured in the Two Degrees festival, a collective of artists, anarchists, film-makers, storytellers and writers looking at what’s broken in the world and what can be done to mend it.

Performances include a spy thriller where the audience seeks secret documents hidden in dead-drops, an anarchist hosting a daily breakfast browsing the commodity data in the FT for diminishing resources, a talk on forests, tree-ring reading and a makeshift choir leading the audience to tour nearby streets with songs significant to the East End. Two ecology preachers also ask the audience for promises to take direct action against climate change—rewarding each promise with a shot of vodka.

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The Two Degrees Festival opening at Toynbee Hall Studios in Commercial Street on Tuesday runs until June 22.

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