Opposing 'privatisation of NHS by stealth'

Apsana Begum MP, Poplar and Limehouse

Apsana Begum MP is opposed to the privatisation of GP practices - Credit: Office of Apsana Begum

American health insurance company Centene is taking over GP practices in London.

Forty-nine practices are now being taken over by this company without consultation, including East One in my constituency.

While many of these practices were classed as independent contractors, they did not operate like private companies as instead of prioritising profit, they reinvested their income.

Throughout the pandemic, private companies who were awarded public contracts did not deliver high-quality services when most needed. The Test and Trace system is one of many examples.

Health services should be publicly funded and delivered as that will ensure the best standard of care, greater accountability and better health outcomes.

I’ll be opposing government plans to further privatise our health services by stealth.