Army soldiers have arrived to put up dummy missiles in Bow

Soldiers have arrived at a residential block in Bow to test the logistics of putting missiles on its roof during the London Olympics.

The army arrived at Bow Quater in Fairfield Road yesterday after residents had received leaflets from the Ministry of Defence informing them that missiles could be placed on top of the water tower of the former Bryant & May’s match stick factory.

A spokesman for the Mod explained that the soldiers will be putting dummy missiles on top of the water tower “to test the logistics” of stationing missiles there, as part of a national exercise to test the role of the army in supporting the police and Olympic organisers during the Games.

The major security exercise named Olympic Guardian also involves the deployment of Royal Navy ships, RAF helicopters and jets.

It takes place on land, sea and air in the London and Weymouth areas between 2 and 10 May.

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