Best-ever GCSE results at Bishop Challoner, UK’s first federated school

The first federated school campus in the country has been celebrating its best-ever GCSE results with nearly six out of 10 pupils getting five or more A* to C grades.

Record exam passes have been notched up at Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate at Shadwell, in London’s East End.

In the Girls’ school, 59 per cent got five or more top grades, including English and Maths, an eight per cent improvement on last year, while the Boys’ school next door gained 52 per cent, a six per cent increase.

Numbers of girls achieving the top grades since 2007 has risen by 24 per cent, while boys’ numbers rose by 14 per cent.

Top girls were Savannah Hayes with six A*s and nine As, Simona Viackute with three A*s and 10 As and Amina Apampa with one A* and 11As.

Outstanding boys were Max Thomas with seven A*s and three As, Daniel Temesgen with five A*s and five As and Ahmed Mahirrudin with two A*s and seven As.

“We are celebrating our best-ever results,” said collegiate principal Jackie Johnson. “The improvement in top grades, including English and Maths, has been staggering.”

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Seven-out-of-10 pupils now go on to the school’s Sixth Form for next year’s A-Levels.

Bishop Challoner became Britain’s first federated school with separate boys, girls and sixth form on the same campus. It has undergone a �45 million ‘Learning Village’ redevelopment just off the Commercial Road which was officially opened in January last year.