Big Ben bell foundry launches online shop

An age-old bell-making ccompany has made a concession to the modern world by launching an online shop.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry is the UK’s oldest manufacturing company after being established in 1570 and moving to its current premises on Whitechapel Road in 1670.

During its long history it has cast such famous bells as the original Big Ben and the Liberty Bell, the symbol of American independence.

Today the family-owned business is run by Alan and Kathryn Hughes and now shoppers can buy a range of bells, from handbells to door bell systems, from the company’s online shop.

“The sort of things we’re selling start with our smallest bell, which can be used for ringing for tea, that sort of thing,” said Kathryn.

“Then there’s our table bell, our bracket bells – the sort used in school playgrounds – and doorbells. People are into doorbells at the moment, real ones, not buzzy ones.”