Boris clueless about crossings’ says frustrated Biggs

PLANS for the controversial Thames Gateway’ river crossing in East London scrapped by Mayor Boris Johnson could be back on the drawing board, he revealed in Mayor’s Questions

PLANS for the controversial 'Thames Gateway' river crossing in East London scrapped by Mayor Boris Johnson could be back on the drawing board.

Boris announced in Mayor's Questions on Wednesday that the bridge at Beckton may now go ahead after all.

But London Assembly Opposition member John Biggs, whose East London constituency includes Beckton, cast doubt last night on whether it would ever be built after its delay caused by the earlier cancellation.

"He has wasted a year on this and the need to start again actually adds years to the project," he said.

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"I would be delighted if it was built. But I have trouble trusting a word that comes out of the Mayor's mouth now and am sure that nothing effectively will happen while he's in Office."

He added: "Boris Johnson has little understanding of the needs of East London.

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"This is not just a political bust up. East London needs another road crossing over the Thames and it is simply short-sighted to have stopped this project."

But he welcomed Boris appearing to have "recognised his error" even if it was too late to make a difference.

The Mayor scrapped the Thames Gateway project soon after being elected in May last year, because it would "bring unacceptable impact in traffic, congestion and pollution to the area.

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