Bow plumber earns praise from apprenticeship award judges

Plumber Robbie Barrett

Plumber Robbie Barrett - Credit: Archant

A plumber has received praise from judges of a national award after overcoming his dyslexia and inspiring others into work.

Robbie Barrett, 19, of Lockton Estate, Bow, completed a two year vocational training course with Circle Housing Group and is now self-employed and working for companies such Higgins Construction.

Judges for the National Apprenticeship Award placed Robbie in the final three and he was “highly commended” for turning his fortunes around and visiting trainees at Circle to speak about his personal experiences.

Robbie said: “I struggled all my life with dyslexia - at school people thought I was stupid and my teachers never believed I would do well at anything.

“But once I discovered I could do things with my hands, it gave me so much confidence and hope.

“I try to encourage other young people to believe in themselves, work hard and make the best of their life.

“I think I am a good role model for those people who have learning difficulties because I have shown that I can succeed.”

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Charmaine Brouard, training tutor at Circle, said: “We could see the potential in Robbie from the start and it was clear he is talented at construction.

“He is a great example to other young people and has shown that with hard work and commitment it is possible to overcome barriers and be successful.”