Bow schoolgirls enjoy video chat with Olympic heart-throb Tom Daley

Excited schoolgirls enjoyed a video phone call with Olympic heart-throb Tom Daley yesterday (Wednesday).

A group of pupils, aged 11 to 16, spent about 20 minutes chatting to the bronze medal-winning diver as a reward for their hard work and participation in after-school clubs.

The 20 students, who attend Central Foundation Girls’ School in Harley Grove, Bow, asked the 18-year-old athlete lots of questions about the Games, and also wanted to know what advice he’d give to himself when he was younger.

“He talked to them about the importance of self-discipline and to make sure you have a routine and stick to it,” said dance teacher and international links coordinator Tammy Seager, who helped organise the event.

“He gave very well rounded answers and said how important it was not to waste time – every five minutes counts. The girls felt very inspired afterwards, and I think it motivated them and was very beneficial.”

The call took place via Skype, an internet communication system that allows callers to see each other online during their conversation. The company, which has been working on a programme called Skype in the Classroom to utilise video technology as a learning aid, arranged the call with Tom Daley.