BT promises faster broadband on the Isle of Dogs

POLITICIANS are claiming victory in speeding up internet access for people living near the most cutting edge financial centre in London.

Tory councillors held a meeting with BT to push for the installation of the new generation of broadband technology on the Isle of Dogs as soon as possible.

Gloria Thienel, who represents Blackwall and Cubitt Town, said: “As far as broadband speeds are concerned, the Isle of Dogs has been treated like a backwater for too long.

“We struggle to reach connection speeds of 0.5 megabits per second, which is ludicrous in this day and age. However, BT is now promising to roll out ‘super-fast’ broadband to the Isle of Dogs by next summer.”

She said she hoped that Poplar Telephone Exchange in West India Dock Road is upgraded within the promised deadline.

Conservative Councillor Zara Davis, who represents Millwall, added: “It is a scandal that despite being next to the world’s leading financial district, we have such agonisingly slow broadband.”