A Manor Park engineering student who lost his job during the pandemic has becoming a baking sensation by handing out brownies in Canary Wharf.

Hashim Mastan, 26, had been working at a bakery to support his masters degree in advanced mechanical engineering at Imperial College London.

When the pandemic hit that job was lost, prompting Hashim to launch his own business last September.

To give his all to Hashblondies, Hashim put his studies on hold - and hasn't looked back.

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He told this paper: "I honestly think it is the single best decision I've ever made in my life.

"It combined problem-solving from engineering with my creative side, and by joining the two together Hashblondies was born.

"I've built up a loyal following of customers, and am so pleased I stuck with it and pushed on, week after week."%image(14914217, type="article-full", alt="Hashim is studying advanced mechanical engineering at Imperial College London")

The Newham baker believes he has now sold at least 10,000 brownies, and regularly treats would-be customers to free samples in east London.

"I try and get flavours which people can't buy anywhere else," he said.

His unusual bakes include a marshmallow and salted caramel "brownie eggs-plosion" which looks just like an egg sandwich, and a "red velvet kinderella cookie bar" containing natural vanilla bean paste.

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Hashim will be at South Quay Footbridge tomorrow (November 17) handing out free samples of his brownies.