Free Japanese-style fabric gift-wrapping service at Canary Wharf

Furoshiki-style wrapping

A leopard print scarf used to wrap a gift. - Credit: The Fabric Wrapping Co

Canary Wharf is launching a free, sustainable gift-wrapping service.

From Saturday, December 19 to Wednesday, December 23, anyone who spends £50 or more on a gift from one of its many shops will have the opportunity to have it beautifully wrapped by The Fabric Wrapping Co, experts in beautiful, eco-friendly and re-usable fabric gift wrapping.

Located in Jubilee Place Lower Mall , The Fabric Wrapping Co. uses Furoshiki – the Japanese art of fabric wrapping – and shoppers will be able to choose from an array of carefully curated vintage scarves as a sustainable alternative to paper.

Fabric wrapping

A vintage scarf used for wrapping gifts - Credit: The Fabric Wrapping Co

The service injects a bold twist on everyday wrapping with the help of the elegant vintage scarves, which can then serve to re-wrap other presents, or become gifts themselves.

Shoppers simply need to drop off the gift they would like wrapped - one per person - and leave it to the professionals, whilst continuing their shopping spree or relaxing at one of the many restaurants and bars. 

The partnership with the Fabric Wrapping Co. is part of Canary Wharf’s ongoing sustainability efforts and aims to encourage consumers to be more mindful this Christmas.

In fact, Brits use the equivalent of 50,000 trees in wrapping paper every year and most is designed for single use. The pop-up hopes to inspire shoppers to adopt sustainable, yet chic wrapping for their gifts this festive season.