Bethnal Green wine bar to open where bottles can be 'grabbed from shelves'

Brodie Meah and Max Venning planning to expand into Bethnal Green

Brodie Meah and Max Venning planning to expand into Bethnal Green - Credit: Cuvée 

Two pals have got a lot of bottle for opening a new wine bar in Bethnal Green after their restaurant was impacted by the Covid lockdowns.

Brodie Meah and Max Venning are expanding their wine delivery business by opening Shop Cuvée in Bethnal Green Road next month. 

They have sold 200,000 bottles in the 12 months since Covid restrictions hit their neighbourhood restaurant and deli in Holloway, Top Cuvée, and now want to tap in to the East End market with their natural wines. 

The Cuvée store in Holloway that's now to open its own wine bar in Bethnal Green

The Cuvée store in Holloway that's now to open its own wine bar in Bethnal Green - Credit: Cuvée

"Bringing the business to Bethnal Green is beyond exciting,” Brodie said. “It’s where I’ve lived since arriving in London, so I know it’s just what's needed. It's a project every wine person dreams of opening, a wine bar.”    

It will stock natural wines for all budgets, from recognised labels, limited edition collaborative bottles and new drops.  

The pals plan to open Cave Cuvée where you “grab a bottle straight from the shelves” and make your way down to the cellar tasting room, and also have bike couriers for home deliveries.

Grab your own bottle when Cuvée wine bar opens

Grab your own bottle when Cuvée wine bar opens - Credit: Cuvée

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