Former Bagel Factory turned into creative studios to rent out

The old Begal Factory at Hackney Wick... turned into art deco studios to rent out.

The old Bagel Factory at Hackney Wick... turned into art deco studios. - Credit: Aitch Group

A former industrial bakery converted into commercial studios in Hackney Wick's rejuvenation zone has been launched onto the rental market against pressure for more creative workshop space.

The Bagel Factory in Whitepost Lane has been turned into an art deco warehouse-style complex by Aitch developers.

The five-story building, which is set to "pay homage" to its former industrial use, has 42,500sq ft of workspace as part of a wider commercial enterprise that includes Stonemasons Yard and the Old Smokehouse.

Some studios have already been rented out, such as to The Wick CrossFit for yoga and gymnastics and to Powster digital entertainment. 

Four storeys have also been sold to the nearby Pirate studios in Rothbury Road for activities such as podcast recording, dancing, production and DJ-ing. 

Courtyard at the new Hackney Wick Bagel Factory complex

Courtyard at the new Hackney Wick Bagel Factory complex - Credit: Aitch Group

The Bagel Factory design, agreed by Tower Hamlets Council, reflects the historic warehouses by the Lea River in a rejuvenation zone with the new Hackney Wick Overground station complex opened in 2018.

It follows campaigns by East End Trades Guild and the mayor of Tower Hamlets in recent years for more creative workshop space for small businesses which have been priced out by mass redevelopment.