Campaigners against missiles in Bow during Olympics say support “overwhelming”

Support against missiles being placed on top of a residential building in Bow has been “overwhelming”, according to campaigners.

Soldiers stationed by the Ministry of Defence at Bow Quarter, on Fairfield Road, left last week after testing the logistics of putting missiles on top of the grade II listed former Bryant and May matchstick factory.

A MoD spokeswoman said the operation, part of Exercise Olympic Guardian, testing six potential London missile sites was “generally successful.”

Campaigners against the plans are continuing to mount their protest as the MoD said it will now decide which locations to use.

Journalist and resident Brian Whelan, who has led the campaign, said they have collected hundreds of signatures for their petition.

He said: “The support at Roman Road Market last Saturday was overwhelming.

“At Bow Quarter it was split 50-50 between those showing apathy and those strongly against.”

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Campaigners have also set up a website at

A public meeting is planned for May 24 to which MoD officials, MPs and councillors will be invited.

Lawyers representing the campaigners are also pressing ahead with legal challenge against the missile plans.