Canary Wharf IRA bomb victims plan solidarity visit to Libya

Victims of the Gaddafi-sponsored Canary Wharf IRA bombing 15 years ago plan to visit Libya to show ‘solidarity’ with the uprising.

Jonathan Ganesh, a security guard trapped in the lorry bomb blast in 1996, is in Belfast on behalf of the Docklands Victims’ Association for talks with Northern Ireland’s Families Acting for Innocent Relatives organisation.

They met at Stormont for strategy talks in the campaign for compensation for victims of Libyan-sponsored terrorism in the UK mainland and Northern Ireland.

“We have been discussing a number of issues—including our proposed trip to Libya,” said a group statement. “This is to demonstrate our sincere support for the people of Libya.”

Ganesh met several victims of IRA terrorism and their families and was told they have had funding cut and get no support—an issue he plans to bring back to Westminster.

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William Frazer, from the victims’ organisation, said: “The bomb in the Docklands atrocity was made here in South Armagh—it was emotional for these victims to see just where the terrorists hang out.

“South Armagh is inextricably linked with Libyan weapons, IRA terrorists, death and destruction.

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“So it was significant that the Docklands Victims’ Association visited us and Stormont.”

Jonathan fell a victim when he was trapped in the rubble of Midland Bank’s Canary Wharf HQ at South Quay when the massive Docklands bomb went off in 1996, killing two men and injuring 39 others.

He managed to pull himself clear, then helped others—despite his own injuries.

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