Canary Wharf lights 15ft Menorah each night for Jewish Chanukah festival

A 15ft menorah has been shining a light all week in east London in the centre of the Canary Wharf business district to commemorate the Jewish festival of Chanukah, which ends tomorrow night (Sat).

The Menorah’s first candle lighting was last Saturday at Jubilee Park, with an additional light added each evening until tomorrow when the Menorah will be fully illuminated, after the end of the Jewish Sabbath at nightfall.

Canary Wharf Group’s Danny Seliger said: “The lighting of the Menorah is a beautiful symbol of optimism—but only a temporary addition to the surrounding lights of Canary Wharf.”

Three companies have been sponsoring the ceremonies over the eight festive nights, State Street, KPMG and Citi, in the 14th year Canary Wharf Group has installed a Menorah as part of its community programme across a variety of faiths.