Canine Hazel helps campaign to clean up East End’s dog mess

MEET Hazel the park ranger’s dog and her canine pals. They’ve been helping tidy up Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park at Mile End, with things like dog fouling

MEET Hazel the park ranger's dog and her canine pals.

They've been helping tidy up East London's Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park at Mile End, with things like dog fouling.

Well, they're the experts when it comes to answering nature's call in the park.

Hazel (pictured with park ranger Alan Frith and other and dogs and their owners) was recruited to help Tower Hamlets council's part in the weekend Capital Clean-Up campaign, focusing on graffiti and cigarette litter as well as animal fouling, along with the help from police and contractors.

They were raising awareness of the issues and especially the costs surrounding these 'low level environment crimes'.

"It costs the council millions of taxpayers' money to clean up litter, dog fouling and graffiti," said the council's new cabinet member for Environment, Shahed Ali. "We want people to do the right thing and take pride in the area where they live."

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The council has installed 900 litter bins to bring the point home, while 'clean-up' patrols were increased during the campaign week. Education activities included animal wardens talking to dog owners and distributing free litter bags.