Carpenter Salam Jones turns workbench into writing desk for first novel

Salam Jones

Salam Jones - Credit: TH Cll

Carpenter Salam Jones has turned his woodwork skills in carving bespoke furniture to penning his first novel.

The kid who grew up in London’s East End always had that hidden novel in his head.

The 42-year-old who now runs his own construction business carved out his debut novel ‘Days of Our Wives’ to explore the world of colourful characters with issues to settle, leaving the reader to debate, dissect and deal with them.

“It’s important to encourage creativity in the East End as an outlet for youths so they don’t turn to negative activities,” he explained. “I want to show the community that anything is possible if they pursue the dream.”

The former pupil from St Paul’s Way Secondary is using his novel to encourage teenagers to keep out of mischief.

It is set over 10 years and depicts the hopes, dreams and struggles faced by the protagonists, all centred around a murderous heroine taking the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions on her journey of love, loss and betrayal.

Days of Our Wives, published by Beau Selector, is available from the Brick Lane Bookshop and the Restless Beings charity in Sheridan Road, Forest Gate.